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All conservation NGOs are anti-poaching, of course.

This page of anti-poaching NGOs, however, deal directly with elephant poachers in Africa in a significant way.

Big Life Foundation David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Save the Elephants SOS Elephants
Wildlife Direct World Wildlife Fund

Next are NGOs that provide money to government agencies or other NGOs that combat elephant poaching in Africa. They also provide some expertise and lend their credibility, but their anti-poaching work is check writing.

African Wildlife Foundation Tusk Trust

Then there are examples of the anti-poaching, anti-ivory campaigns out there that raise awareness of, and outrage about, the African elephant poaching crisis and solicit funds to fight it.

Elephant Crisis Fund

Finally, there are the other NGOs, which are, of course, against poaching, but which are not on the list of anti-poaching NGOs, however, because – to me – anti-poaching is not the significant work of the organizations.

Amboseli Trust for Elephants Wildlife Conservation Network

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